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John Connolly – Sevendust


Sevendust Bio

Conceptual in nature, the Atlanta based group SEVENDUST explores the recesses of the mind and the torturous conflict within the question, Can I possibly continue or...??? This extremely personal revelation is inscribed upon a raw and uncompromising landscape embedded on a sixth full-length studio album entitled, Alpha. From the blood-curdling vocal introduction, courtesy of the track, Deathstar, to the unadulterated brutality and chaotic exit of its twelfth and final composition, Alpha; a career defining statement is an apt conclusion on the tip of ones tongue as they witnesses this historic tenth anniversary marker. That is, if one can survive the unprecedented ride presented.

Responsible in part for the reemergence of the heavy movement in the mid to late nineties, SEVENDUST has once again raised the bar of ferocity, redefines the term power, and places on display for the world to see their palate of songmanship bred of wonton aggression with a dash of soaring lyric all within an offering that bleeds pure...SEVENDUST