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”The MTS System is the best line of products that I’ve found for building a unique and custom sound. The MTS Rack system has been a Godsend for my studio.“
—Michael Wagner, Producer


     The flagship MTS Series is just pure tube tone with innovative features that provide unmatched flexibility by selecting the real tube tones you desire in an amplifier. The high-powered XL Series heads with circuits based on classic Randall designs has been further developed to meet the demands for the modern guitarist. If price is a concern, the G2 Series will fill your tone needs on a budget.
     Randall cabinets are an industry secret no longer. If you need a great sounding roadworthy cabinet, look no further. All Randall cabs are handmade with ¾” void-free birch plywood for tight projection, and come loaded with various models of Celestion speakers.



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